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Carnilove foods are grain-free and potato free and formulated with respect for the natural origins of dogs. The product range includes carefully selected wild-origin meats which correspond to the composition of natural prey. Recipes include Duck & Pheasant, Salmon, Lamb & Wild Boar, Reindeer and Salmon & Turkey, all with 70% meats and 30% forest fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Whilst the wild-origin meats provide quality sources of protein the forest fruits, vegetables & herbs provide nutrients, fibre and vitamins. Fruits & herbs are rich in anti-oxidants supporting cell protection and boosts the immune system.

Carnilove ingredients also include chicory root & sea algae supporting cellular immunity and crustacean shells which positively affects the condition and mobility of joints and ligaments. No chemicals, preservatives or colourants are added to the ingredients.

Carnilove contains only the highest quality ingredients and, even so, the product range is priced very competitively. In addition has also awarded Carnilove dry dog food an excellent 4.9 out of 5.

The review site specifically scores high points for the following attributes:-

-Contains 70% meats of wild-origin
-Grain-free and potato-free
-Contains no common allergy containing ingredients
-The ingredients list is clear and leaves no room for misrepresentation

Available in 1.5kg bags in Lamb & Wild Boar, Reindeer and Salmon. We also stock the full range of 400g wet food tins which include Salmon & Turkey Puppy, Duck & Pheasant, Salmon & Turkey, Lamb & Wild Boar and Venison & Reindeer.

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